Mentor, guide, cheerleader or motivator, Rabbi Daniel Cohen possesses a unique blend of authenticity, wisdom and spiritual insight for contemporary society.

The Soul Encounter and Mentor Program

G-d endowed every Jew with a unique mission and life purpose. How do we discover this life goal? Thousands of years ago, G-d revealed the wisdom of the Torah as the guide for achieving pleasure in the personal, family and communal dimensions of our lives and unlocking our soul footprint in the world.  However, the complexities and pressures of modern life often prevent us from focusing on life’s meaning and realizing our full potential as Jews and human beings. The directives and messages of the Torah seem distant and irrelevant. 

In ancient times, people would consult with prophets or Torah masters to provide spiritual assessment and guidance to life’s challenges. Today, we turn to advice columns, friends, or the latest recommendation on the web. What if you could access the timeless wisdom of G-d to guide you on your life journey and provide you with touchstones to inspiration to elevate you, your family and work? What if you had a mentor to help you discover your life mission and unlock your personal strengths?  Imagine living every day of your life infused with a sense of eternity, inner strength, and meaning.  

Whether you are affiliated or unaffiliated, limited Jewish knowledge or not, everyone needs a mentor and soul life guide. Rabbi Daniel Cohen, Torah teacher and spiritual guide, possesses a unique mix of warmth, intuition, wisdom and life experience to serve a personal resource for Jewish learning and living.  

The Elements of the Soul Encounter and Mentor Program include:

Annual Spiritual Assessment and Inventory
Semi-annual meetings with you and your family for personal consultation and assessment. 
Quarterly Phone Conferences
Ongoing email access for questions and consultations with calls as needed. 
Weekly Messages (including podcasts when available). 
Life Cycle Consultations and Rabbi Cohen’s Participation (Schedule allowing)
Please contact Rabbi Cohen for more information. 

Mining for Gold

Mining for Gold